Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Performance Point 2007

I've been watching/reading some of the material that came out of the UK Microsoft BI Partner Community Day and there are some interesting snipits of information about PerformancePoint:
  • BSM 2005 becomes PerformancePoint Monitor
  • ProClarity becomes PerformancePoint Analysis
  • There is a new planning functionality (previously know as BizSharp) now called PerformancePoint Planning
I'm booked to go on a course soon so I'll get to have a proper play in the next month or so...

I liked some of the Microsoft tag lines for product areas that I have seen:
  • Trust your data
  • Trust your In-Sights
  • Trust your Decisions
The first point about your data is absolutely key and is certainly stressed by other data processing vendors like Ab Initio too. Microsoft really is playing catchup in this market place, but when you see the tight integration with Excel, I am more and more convinced that they are on to a winner.


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